Harnessing the latest fibre optic technology – and with the ability to be mounted on fences or in walls – the REDFIBER series use sophisticated algorithms to detect intruders who are attempting to climb over, crawl under, or cut through a perimeter line. These algorithms are also able to distinguish between genuine intruders and nuisance alarms that might be caused by wind or small animals. Unlike metallic (coaxial) sensors, the advanced fibre-optic sensing is unaffected by harsh environments, including UV radiation, moisture, salt, or even lightning strikes.

REDFIBER provides four different affordable fibre optic perimeter security kits, for fence applications with two independent security zones. The RFB-100 models are designed for perimeters which have a maximum length of 200m and the RFB-200 models for perimeters up to 400m. The RFB-PoE kits provides an additional PoE/IP module which makes the Alarm Processing Unit (APU) PoE compliant and generates alarm via the REDWALL Event code which is integrated by major VMS suppliers.